Vmware tools: Do not install balloon driver
Do not install the Memory control driver this creates overhead for the VM
Vmware tools: Do not install shared foldersThis can give problems when using roaming profiles in citrix
Disable visual effects Fade effects take more data(=time) to send to the users screen and will make the user experience slower.
Disconnect the CD-ROM The VM is checking the CD-ROM periodically using CPU time
Defragment the virtual disk. Periodically defragment the virtual disks to optimize the disk speed
Use only 1 virtual CPU per VM (in most cases). No reason given

Turn of hyper threading. Read about this tip from different sources, but have not found any reason why this improves performance for Citrix VMware. Try it anyway..
Disable COM ports The presence of these ports can cause random spikes in CPU utilization
Make sure you have the correct OS selected for the VM
Set the same reservation amount as the amount of memory you have given the VM.The memory usage on a citrix server can swing very fast (depending on nr of users and how much memory per users is used) if esx needs to free up, swap or balloon memory somewhere else it will create overhead Processor affinity can sometimes help
When using affinity you must carefully balance and monitor workloads in order to avoid over committing some processors while other processors remain underutilized

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